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About Sacredly

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Sacredly is a Fintech that is transforming how we donate and give.
Our touch screen devices and pay portal can be used by religious organizations, museums, gallaries, charities, and others to access donations and raise more funds in a cashless society.

Sacredly's pay portal is available in various sizes, easy to use and you can easily view your transaction reports and donor contact information.
Our touch screen device can be fixed to the wall, attached to the podium, or passed around during an event.
We will work closely with you to organize your software to your organization's needs.

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Safe & Secure

Full encryption is guaranteed on all data.

Specific Donation Purpose

Donors can choose where their money is spent.

Conversation Starter

Record data for future marketing.

Custom Branding

Take ownership by adding logos, graphics and photos.


Attract donor's attention with eye-catching screensavers.


Religious & Charity EPOS Solution.


Religious Organizations


Museums & Galleries


Charities & Fundraising


Zoos & Parks


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Jactin House, 24 Hood Street Ancoats Urban Vilage Manchester, M4 6WX